workshops with danielle guillermo

Work towards your personal best in dance workshops held at the

Grace Milliman Pollock Performing Arts Center in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

Through WORKSHOPS!, dancers have an opportunity to participate in smaller class sizes. Rather than the anonymity of drop-in, former Messiah College instructor Danielle Smith Guillermo creates an atmosphere of community. Ms. Guillermo learns your strengths and weaknesses and helps to facilitate your growth. Dancers partner with Ms. Guillermo as well as the other committed dancers who sign up to attend each 5-6 week session. Together, dancers celebrate their successes while challenging each other to reach for the next level.

WORKSHOPS! are designed for ballet and modern dancers 12+. Whether you are a former dancer who wants to dance again, a teacher seeking to refresh their knowledge, or an intermediate/advanced teen who is seeking focused supplementary training, this is for you!

Danielle is fabulous! Gets right to root of technical problems and helps correct them. Also an incredible choreographer- you will love these classes!
— Bethany S.


Classes are open to dancers 14 - adult unless otherwise noted. Class sizes are limited!

Ballet classes emphasize correct placement and alignment for the dancer's body as well as musical dynamics and artistic choices. Each class builds upon previous lessons. Dancers are encouraged to take both Ballet and Progressing Ballet Technique™ classes on Saturday mornings. This allows the dancers to immediately apply knowledge from Progressing Ballet Technique™ to their ballet classwork.

Progressing Ballet Techniqueclasses are open to dancers (12+). This technique is used to condition and strengthen muscles for proper execution in classes-- ballet or contemporary. Progressing Ballet Technique™ trains the body for safe classwork- correct muscle engagement, core strength, and ultimately reduced injury. This class supplements regular training. *Danielle Smith Guillermo is a certified Progressing Ballet Technique™ instructor.

Movement for Musical Theatre classes are geared towards the actor or singer who needs learn to dance! Participants are introduced to ballet vocabulary and work towards progressive movement combinations. Posture, proper alignment, and presentation are emphasized. No experience necessary.

Modern classes begin with a warm up that is rooted classical modern, primarily the Horton technique. The work progresses into exercises that travel in center and across the floor. Each class ends with a choreographed combination. The combination will be developed over the 6 week period.

...I have seen incredible results thanks to Danielle’s extraordinary gift of teaching. I highly recommend these classes to anyone looking to enhance their technique and share their love with a great group of dancers...
— Makayla G.

Winter I Workshops January 5-February 5, 2019

Mondays (5 weeks):  Movement for Musical Theatre 6-7PM

Ballet 7-8:15PM

Tuesdays (5 weeks): Progressing Ballet Technique 6-7PM

Modern 7-8:15PM

Saturdays (5 weeks): Progressing Ballet Technique 8-9AM

 Ballet 9-10:15AM

Before you take your first class, remember to sign and bring your release of liability!

A Release of Liability form is required for participation. Please complete the appropriate form and bring it with you to class.